Founded in January of 1996.
Club Motto: " Special friendships through multiple blessings "
Club Flower: Daisy
Club Colors: White and Gold
Club Logo: Hands holding daisies

The objective of the organization shall be to promote interest in and supply information on, for, and about twins and other multiple births. It shall concern itself with civic problems and projects for betterment of the community and the country. It shall help families with multiple births or those of multiple births who are in need. This club is to provide mutual support, community involvement and information to mothers or guardians who have multiple births.

Club Prayer

Heavenly father, we thank thee for bringing us together under one common bond. May we never be hasty in judgement, but always be generous and face each day without prejudice. Teach us to be kind, gentle, and forgiving, that we may lead our flock in the way of thy light. We who are chosen to be twice and thrice blessed beseech Thee to protect and guide us. Amen.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kid's Sale

We have a Semi-Annual Kid's Sale. It is at the Brownsburg Fire Territory. Our next sale will be in the Spring. Interested in being a seller contact Michelle at for information or to be put on the mailing list of upcoming sales.